Boxford Bull wheel

Apron worm + gears

Screw thread gauge

Back Gears + Half nuts

Boxford cross slide








Latheparts and Custom made parts

Service parts for Boxford Southbend Lathes

Raglan Little John Lathes

Tee slotted Cross Slides. Cross Slide Screws & nuts Cast Iron Screwed Back Plates

 Specialised Gear cutting service for small gears

Suppler and manufacture of lathe change wheels

Custom made Parts for special or Obsolete Machinery, Marine & Vintage Bike ,Car Repair and Reconditioning Service.

Contact and payment details

J ward. 27 Trent Row, Foulridge,Nr.Colne Lancs BB8 7QF

Tel 01282 869262 Text 07864069167 email

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